Abstract Information

Abstract Submission Guidelines

The participants have to submit the abstracts of their work in any of the below thrust areas, which can be submitted along with the registration form in the given link. The abstract should be typed in English using MS word .

Title - Times New Roman, Bold, Font Size 12(1st letter of each word in capital).

Authors: Times New Roman, Not Bold, Font size 12.

Affiliation: Times New Roman, Not Bold, Font size 12, Italics.

Abstract: Times New Roman, Not Bold, Font Size 11, Line spacing 1.0.

Maximum word limit: 250 words.

Number of key words: 5.

Deviation from this guidelines may lead to rejection of abstract

Abstract Submission Deadline : August 01, 2024

Themes for abstract

Abstracts should follow any of these phytotechnology topics: 

  • Phytotechnologies for Heavy Metals, Metalloids
  • Phytotechnologies for POPs, Pharmaceuticals, PFAS and Other Emerging Chemicals of Concern
  • Phytotechnologies for Nano-Scale Materials
  •  Phytotechnologies for Nutrients, Agricultural or Other Non-Point Source Pollution
  • Alternative Energy/Biofuels and Bioproducts from Plants or Phytomining
  •  Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change/Resiliency
  •  Metals and biome interactions
  •  Eco-Restoration/Land Reclamation
  •  Green Roof, Green Wall, and Green Infrastructure Design and Applications
  • Landfill Covers/Evapotranspiration Covers
  •  Long-Term Field Case Studies
  • Mitigation/Restoration Wetlands
  • Phytohydraulics, Riparian and Stormwater Management
  • Phytotechnologies for Organics
  •  Phytotechnologies for Salt, Brine
  •  Phytotechnologies for Acidic, Sodic, or Alkalinized Sites
  •  Phytotechnologies for Mixed Wastes
  •  Phytotechnologies for Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollutants
  •  Phytotechnologies for Food Safety
  • Phyto-Monitoring, Phyto-Forensics, and Plant Sensor Technologies
  • Soil Amendments for Phytotechnologies and/or Enhanced Plant Growth
  • Soil-Plant and Micro/Phytobiome Interactions and Processes